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Buy fast youtube subscribers

Опубликовано: 06.11.2020

buy fast youtube subscribers

Almost everyone loves YouTube. This is quite understandable, since everyone can find a video to their liking, the display of which is not tied to the timeline of the TV program guide. However, among a huge number of ordinary viewers, those for whom the popular video hosting becomes a means of earning, and not bad at all, are increasingly appearing, see buy fast youtube subscribers. The beginning of any activity is exciting, and for sure every novice video blogger, not for a second without taking his eyes off the screen, was waiting for the first response to his debut video. But if the noobs of the YouTube movement perceive comments only as an assessment of their creativity, veterans of its commercial aspect see much deeper meaning in user responses. Yes, these YouTube business sharks need the full picture. Likes, views, and YouTube comments are all a palette to illustrate your current popularity, and the latter paint just creates the background tone. At the first sharp glance, it is immediately clear what color scheme must be added in order for the channel to become catchy, bright and spectacular, since only such qualities are the key to successful promotion on YouTube. And if someone dislikes the language of metaphors, let's face it, do not underestimate the importance of a large number of comments, because it not only causes the necessary psychological effects, about which a little later, but also plays an important role for the YouTube ranking algorithm. As you know, this electronic instance determines the place of your video in the list of recommendations for third-party users. You've probably already read similar articles: "10 best martial arts", "TOP 10 martial arts for self-defense", "10 most powerful and dangerous martial arts" and so on. Almost always in such articles and videos they talk about the advantages of martial arts for self-defense on the street and personal safety in everyday life, see buy fast youtube subscribers. I want to refute this myth right away. No single combat sports will prepare you for a street fight or a real attack. For several reasons: 1. There are no prohibited equipment and rules on the street. No matter how the style or sport is promoted, it is primarily a sport or even gymnastics. With its own rules. system of preparation for sports competitions. With prohibited equipment and safety measures. 2. In the competitive practice of most types of martial arts, one-on-one fights with an opponent are used. On the street, there is a high probability of running into a group of opponents. Some of whom can hide in the crowd and attack from behind. 3. Most street fights use powerful psychological pressure, for which athletes are often not prepared. Berserker behavior. For such behavior in the ring or on the tatami, the pressure fighters are punished. 5. Use of improvised items. This is practically not taught in any martial arts school. And since they don't teach to attack. means and do not teach to defend. That is why a street fight is contraindicated for a good fighter - an athlete. This is why so many self-confident Champions are killed on the street or injured for life. This is not an unfounded statement. You can read the story of Ivan Kirp on Wikipedia. I know him.

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